Welcome to Pandemology!

Glad to have you here.As part of a project, the master’s programme in Translation Management at the SDI Munich provides a

multilingual terminology database for COVID-19.

The project was inspired by the TAUS Corona Crisis Corpus and the Ebola Terminology Project of Heidelberg University.

The available terminology was taken from a variety of sources and validated based on the criteria specified by DIN ISO 26162-2. These included reviewing the data for duplicates, ensuring the right spelling and grammar, and checking the provided references and external links.

This database can be used or filled by anyone, from translators to medical professionals. The aim is to standardize Corona terminology and also to clarify possible questions about the pandemic terminology.

We hope the content of the database may be very useful to you.

For all of us it is very important that you take the database seriously and fill in your entries according to this guide.

If any questions arise, do not hesitate to contact us. Suggestions for improvement are also welcome!

Pandemological regards